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DN 41 Contents

Dreams and nightmares 41

October 1993

Table of contents

Russ Miller, illustration for "The Men in the Moon", cover
Herb Kauderer, Jaws, 3
Bob Cook, The Men in the Moon, 4
Russ Miller, illustration, 4
tom house, ms prissy, 5
William L. Ramseyer, The Buggy Buggerwomp, 6
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, sky whales, 8
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, an abnormal regression, a praecisio, 8
W. Gregory Stewart, the winter of our discontent, 9
Dijck Dahlstrom, illustration, 9
From the brainstem, 10
DF Lewis, The blind, 11
AR Klosterman, illustration, 11
Anastasia Andersen, In green shadows, 12
Gary William Crawford, The gothic quest, 13
Bruce Holland Rogers, Why I filed late this year, 14
Thomas Wiloch and t. Winter-Damon, The key, 17
Corrine DeWinter, Absinthe room, 19

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