Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's in a zine

Scanning all the back issues of DN has reminded me of people whose work I published over the last 20+ years. Some of these people I am friends with today and some I still regularly get submissions from. Some former correspondence are dead, and I miss them. Some I have heard no longer write much poetry, or any poetry, but many of these people have slipped away from my world and I don't know where they are or what they are doing. All of this makes me think it might be fun to make a spreadsheet of poets versus issues to show who was published when. I haven't done this yet, partly because I'm afraid this would only be of interest to me, and possibly one or two other people. Of course anyone could do it using the published tables of contents on my blog. The contents of a few issues are not yet available, but they will be soon. If anyone should happen to decide to tackle this, I would make an effort to find out which issues don't yet have contents lists on this blog, and do them next. I should mention that the lists of contents that I have been publishing in the active part of the blog over the past few months are not the only ones available. One of the other blog pages consists of cover images and some of those have tables of contents attached.


Phil Stephensen-Payne said...

I've been trying to index D&N in the Fictionmags Index ( - earlier issues are indexed in the Miller/Contento Index to SF Magazines which will be merged with the Fictionmags Index in a year or two. If you could e-mail me contents if each new issue (, ideally with a cover scan, I can ensure they are all indexed.

Phil Stephensen-Payne

David Kopaska-Merkel said...


I'll get you what you need.