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DN 62

Dreams and Nightmares 62

May 2002

table of contents

GAK, cover
From the Brain Stem
Bruce Boston and Marge Simon, Reunion on Mars
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Suicycle
Alec Kowalczyk, Ditto
Allen Koszowski, illo
Gary Every, Chaco
Darrell Schweitzer, Is there survivor's guilt in Heaven?
Gloundan Smorpian, Wild Hearts
Lucy A. E. Ward, Song Storm
Allen Koszowski, illo
Robert K. Wooten, Last Halloween
Ian Watson, The Pleasure Surgeons
Andy Miller, Gullible and then some 'Lilly Pucklins'
Dee Rimbaud, Innanna Descending
Blair H. Allen, A six year old cakewalk in the night
Morgan Kopaska-Merkel, illo
Erin Donahoe, Like Death
Lucy A. E. Ward, Hunting Winter
Christina Sng, Osteo
Robert K. Wooten, Tyrannosaur
Ann K. Schwader, Any Winter, Any World
Mike Allen, No One
Bruce Boston and Marge Simon, cartoon
Dee Rimbaud, bacover

Several of these poets have been nominated this year for Rhysling &/or Elgin awards: Christina Sng, Marge Simon, Bruce Boston, & Mike Allen.

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