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DN 65, May 2003 -- contents

Dreams and Nightmares 65

May 2003

table of contents

Marge Simon, cover illustration
Christina Sng, The Summoning
Erin Donahoe, Woman With Webbed Fingers
Bruce Boston, Dali's Ego on Karloff's Frankenstein
W. Paul Ganley, The Dream House
Jody Forest, People of the Monolith
Jason Van Hollander, illustration for People of the Monolith
G. O. Clark, It Was Just A Movie
Sarah Ruth Jacobs, Stick Man
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Brochure at the Cryo-Ship Stand
Alan Catlin, De-boning the Dreamer
Andy Miller, Calliope
Robert Wooten, stakethroughtheheart
Bruce Boston, The Death of Statues
Thomas D. Jones, Death of Atlas
Sonya Taaffe, Gray's Anatomy
Marge Simon, illustration
Karen A. Romanko, Medusa at 10
Cathy Buburuz, back cover illustration

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May 14th was my accident. I'm not sure, but I think these were stacked up in my office for months.

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