Sunday, June 15, 2014


To Do B4 Invading Planet 3

1. Marsiform Planet Two (seed with GM microorgs)

2. Switch a fake in for the Mona Lisa. That smile is to pulverize worlds for!

3. Finally, Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I need a break from this Planetary Conquest gig.

4. Antarctica: penguins. I'll stash a few on Titan till I'm ready to bring 'em back. They are so cute!

5. Seed the Pacific with some juvenile Enceladan Telepathic Octosharks. A couple dozen 1000-footers.

5b. Build R'lyeh off Ponape. Between that & the Octosharks I'll have millions worshiping Cthulhu in a few years.

6. Get the recipe for that fabulous Lebanese meatloaf they use in gyro.

6b. Preserve all the components: yum!

7. Pick up some yak butter in Tibet. Or some yaks.

8. Get rid of the humans. Or wait a few decades, but they might take too much of the terran biosphere with them.

8b. Superbug or plague of giant ants? NEED TO DECIDE!!!

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