Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Paleontology, music, and stuff

I am very sorry about my parody of that great song, "Venus." I almost feel ashamed of myself for it.

October 2, Tony Martin will be here from Emory University, talking about dinosaurs and their footprints, with implications for understanding the ancient world and for evolution. It will be really cool and you should definitely be there if you can. Our evolution lecture series is even better than football, IMHO.

Time is running out to sign up for the teacher workshop on fossils, which will be Tuesday, October 21 in the vicinity of Livingston Alabama. We still have a few slots available, and it is only $15. One of the books you get, the second edition of "Lost Worlds in Alabama Rocks," retails for $30 and that's just one of the things you get. You get other publications, a free lunch, you collect fossils, you get to pan for sharks teeth (which is more rewarding than panning for gold), and think of the camaraderie!

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