Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Annual Sale & Charity Fundraiser

2014 charitable donation

Every year during the holiday season I do some kind of deal with Dreams and Nightmares involving charitable donations. This year, I have decided to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. So half of any lifetime subscription to Dreams and Nightmares is going to that remarkable organization. That means if you buy a lifetime digital subscription, $20 of your $39 goes to Doctors Without Borders. If you buy a lifetime print plus digital subscription, $45 of your $90 goes to them.

Subscribe by sending the money via PayPal to jopnquog@gmail.com, or sending a check made out to David C. Kopaska-Merkel, 1300 Kicker Rd., Tuscaloosa, AL 35404.

This is happening now through the end of November. Maybe you want to buy somebody a gift subscription. Here is your chance to deliver great speculative poetry and do good at the same time.

Thank you,

But wait, there's more!

All of my books are on sale. This applies to books ordered directly from me, not from the publishers, and they will all be signed. This isn't part of the donation, but it is a sale:

All prices include shipping.

underfoot, the runaway spoon press, 1991, ISBN 0-926935-60-7, 2nd printing. My first book of speculative poetry. ($5)

a round white hole, dbqp press, 1993, my second book of speculative poetry, a few left, ($4)

Separate Destinations
(with Kendall Evans), D66 Press, 2005, ISBN 1-892958-02-3, collaborative speculative poetry, a few left, ($6)

Nursery Rhyme Noir, Sam's Dot publishing, ISBN 978-09821068-3-9 (humorous detective stories set in a land where nursery rhyme characters are neighbors and sometimes enemies), 2008, 2nd printing, ($13)

The Simian Transcript, Banana Oil books, flash fiction, 2010, science fiction & fantasy, a wide-ranging collection, with a few copies left, ($7)

The Tin Men (with Kendall Evans), Sam's Dot, more collaborative speculative poetry, 2011, a few left ($8)

The Edible Zoo, Sam's Dot, children's poetry, 2012, the title says it all, these are poems for small children about eating animals. Play tested on my kids. ($9)

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