Monday, December 15, 2014

Subscribe now or give as a gift

A six-issue subscription to Dreams and Nightmares is $25 for six issues within North America and $30 outside North America. A lifetime subscription is $90 no matter where you live and includes whatever back issues are still available at the time you order. If ordering a six-issue subscription, please specify if you wish to start with the current or forthcoming issue.

Checks and money orders are accepted, but Paypal is preferred. Pay to Checks need to be made out to me, David Kopaska-Merkel. If paying by check, please mail check to me at 1300 Kicker Rd., Tuscaloosa AL 35404 USA.

To order pdfs of any issue, send $1 per issue to paypal account, or send a check to the address above. If you'd like to subscribe to DN in pdf format, decide how many issues you want, send me $1/issue, and tell me the start and end issues. But remember, $39 gets you pdfs of all issues, past & future.

And the next issue, 100, will be extra thick & have a color cover. NO EXTRA CHARGE if it's part of a subscription or digital, $8 if you order a print copy.

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