Sunday, January 18, 2015

SETI Hits Paydirt

Here is the title poem from my latest collection, SETI Hits Paydirt, published by Popcorn Press.

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SETI Hits Paydirt

(preliminary transcription)

Please to be thanking for you
this person who transmission [is] pleasing
transfer of goods/services
into your benevolent selves.

We have come, gods be spoken
between packing and material (?)
no artificial combustibles
essential data well repeated.

Stocked in sensitized protection
beside the open door of personal house,
transmitted century-years waiting
[of] your private benefit riches.

Instructions included in solitary
tug (push?) format easy engulfed
simply put in calculation device
activate and rejoice.

Teach secrets of sweat corn
its growth and nutrition
rejoice within you our
untrammeled selves.

The end

Originally published in Strange Horizons, Jan. 9, 2006

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