Tuesday, December 29, 2015


the dogs are all I've got
nothing native to the coal age
can be trained or friendly
they love the lizards
salamanders, no
especially the big ones
and the ones with the weird heads
wish I could get back
to Darlene and the rest of the future
it's hot but days are short
no biting bugs
stars so bright I could read a book
I'm waiting for a supernova
meanwhile, naming constellations
in these alien skies

named one for Callie
mother of the first litter
I'll have dogs, at least
though Jimmy and Sally are gone
eaten or run off
and just now Big Head Charlie
ran behind one of these
green pole trees and disappeared
can't have gone far

hey! where's my legs?!
can't have stepped on a butterfly
there are none yet
oh shi-

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