Monday, March 7, 2016

A new book for teachers about earth science of the southeastern US

Swaby, Andrielle N., Lucas, Mark D., and, Ross, Robert M., eds., 2016, The teacher-friendly guide to the earth science of the southeastern US, 2nd edition, Paleontological Research Institution (, 460 p. ISBN 978-0-87710-512-1. Perfect-bound paperback, $35.

This book contains chapters on geologic history, rocks, fossils, topography, mineral resources, energy, soils, climate, earth hazards, and fieldwork. 14 authors contributed to the book, of whom only four actually live and work in the Southeast. However, many of the rest are well known earth-science education specialists.

I am not reviewing this book at the moment (I might do it another time), but I am very familiar with the writing of several authors who helped create this volume. I am sure it is a valuable resource for teachers who are not already familiar with the subject.

Because this is a fairly thick paperback, I suspect it will start to come apart after only a modest
amount of use. As far as I know there is not a hardback edition.

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