Sunday, May 15, 2016


Gods' House

It's time to stuff the door with prayer,
Gods get in through the tiniest crack,
So make it tight, the windows too.

Don't close the flue; build a fire,
Make sure the blaze is hot enough,
No Adversary can make it through.

At the windows pray, the Gods
Will slip inside, so ward the floorboards,
Every narrow slit will need that glue.

If they get in the Gods will animate
The stove; demand propitiation,
The broom, the chairs and cleaver too.

You'll never cook or clean unless you pay,
Destitute, you'll finally just walk away,
The Gods themselves, left alone to stew.


Robert Frazier said...

This has a great Appalachian feel. long as they don't animate the hunting rifle.
Bob F

David Kopaska-Merkel said...