Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vintage poems

I recently posted here 2 poems that were first published in a 1994 collection and have never been seen since. That collection, and several other early collections are out-of-print and I recently discovered it is essentially impossible to even find used copies of these for sale. So I thought it would be good to pick out some of my favorites and post them here. I have also sent a few to various periodicals to see if they are interested in them as reprints. I didn't have digital copies of many of these, so I have been rectifying that problem as well.

Some of these poems I literally had not looked at in 10 to 20 years, and it was interesting and somewhat surprising to revisit them. In some cases. I really liked what I saw. In others, I found too many adjectives, use of unusual words, just because I thought they were cool, and imagery that really didn't fit the narrative. So it goes. I like to think I don't do those things as much now as I used to.

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