Sunday, October 2, 2016


Subscriber copies of Dreams and Nightmares 104 were mailed Friday. Domestic subscribers should receive their copies this week. International subscribers within two weeks. Contributor copies will go in the mail very soon.

This is a good time, as every time is a good time, to subscribe to the magazine or to order sample copies. The easiest way is to use PayPal; send payment to The single print copy is five dollars, a single PDF copy is one dollar. A six second issue (two-year) subscription to the print edition is $25. $39 gets you a lifetime PDF subscription, including all back issues (all but two or three of the 104 issues). $90 gets you a lifetime print subscription, including a lifetime PDF subscription and all currently available print back issues (at this point that is about 15 issues).

Contributors receive $12 on acceptance +2 copies of the issue in which their work appears. I am currently reading for 105, due out in January.

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