Friday, October 7, 2016

100716 Klarkash-Ton

Klarkash-Ton and the Prophet of Doom

Clark met Howard one rainy night
on the steep Providence streets.
there were fell things in the air,
the sound of leathery wings flapping
and an eldritch feeling,
as if something
not of this world
was just around the corner.

Clark was more facile with words,
yet Howard cooked a mean pasta,
or he would have if he liked to cook.
anyway, he found success
that would outlive the two of them,
and spawned a soul-destroying pack
of B-grade movies.

But really it was the boys,
which, in the interest of,
and besides, nothing was ever proven.
Anyway, we won't discuss them here,
not in a family magazine,
and we must think of the families,
because some of those kids,
sacrificed on mossy stone altars,
were still underage,
and why do you think
they wrote that stuff anyway?

Publ. Poetry Life and Times, 2005

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