Sunday, October 9, 2016

Flesh eating alien vampire sex on the moon

Flesh eating alien vampire sex on the moon

The Shummle flight is uneventful
outside the window: the final frontier
inside he sees few prospects for fun

At Dubya station he eyes vertical
lunar beauties who make earthly
anorexics seem plump

She reels him to the bar from across the room
he smokes into a wind from the planet of dry ice

The usual lines dry up his tongue
swells and his eyes water
he can't remember how to open his wallet

She pays in coins that glister in iridescent colors
she pulls him to a room and his pants deliquesce

His blind spot swells till even her
breasts vanish but he smells her
with his skin and brain

she breaks the skin with horrifying appendages
she burns him sucks him like a crawfish eats his head

They never find him
not even the bones hell
they don't even find the room

The end

Publ. hungur 1, 2005

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