Friday, June 2, 2017


Coon Cafe

Elise, you shoulda known better
raccoons aren't friendly beasts
they steal your trash
stay up all night
rip mussels apart w their bare hands
country folk know to keep
their distance from these warriors
next time you want a thrill
there's a porcupine cafe
just around the corner

Seriously, I understand why you were tempted to do a story on something so bizarre, but wasn't there something important to talk about? I don't know, how the earth is dying, the president is so far outside the norms that he is off the spectrum and onto a more sinister one, maybe 12 things you can do to help refugees around the world, or are we trying to make people forget their troubles? I guess that's a legitimate approach, but haven't we been doing that for generations? Is it helping?

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