Sunday, June 11, 2017


It has been a few years since we visited the Birmingham Botanical Gardens (a little bit less than an hour away by car). We are going to day. I may apprehend a report to this, but I doubt I will take pictures. I can't easily get decent ones, as followers of this blog know! Anyway, the last couple of times we visited the gigantic greenhouse full of tropical foliage and cacti was being renovated. I hope that this time it's open, because it is my favorite part. Most of it is wheelchair accessible.

I am nearly caught up on Dreams and Nightmares submissions. The only submissions in my designated inbox come from the last four days. The next issue, 107, is completely full. 108 is about two thirds full. That is the January 2018 issue. I am not closing to submissions, I have never done so, but I'm letting you know how far ahead I am buying.

A friend of mine is hosting a small but important international scientific meeting in a couple of years, and asked me to run registration for it. I have agreed, but I've never done that for any meeting before. If anyone reading this has been suggestions that come from relevant experience, please give them to me either in the comments or in email. The last time I played a major role in running any kind of a conference, I think I was an undergraduate college student. Since then, I have helped out with plenty, but always in relatively minor roles. Well, what's the worst that could happen? HHOK!

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