Monday, June 26, 2017


Alien in the Kitchen

First, the Visitor:
sniffing the jars
bottles and so on,
sampling cabinet doors.

Squeezin’ the cook
paper-towel roll too
grabbing onto the walls
stressing them peculiarly.

Next was the Visitor
wafting through the house
poking the dog/guppy/armoire
rummaging intrusively

Then was the Visitor
slapped on the cutting board
Earl’s hand engulfing
its wriggling-tentacled head

Simmering bubbling
abanging the lid
holding its breath
and staying quite tough

The meal, a powerful
passel of chewing
swallowing in extremis
ended at last

Lastly, the Visitor
bending their bowels
reconstituting its body
most grievously.

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