Saturday, July 22, 2017


Menage à Trois

"I am sick and tired," Soeren shouted, "of your damn dead sister watching us screw!"

Lorna wriggled, and smiled awkwardly. "But she's my twin. We always do everything together. Remember, when she was still alive...?" She caught Soeren's wrist and tried to pull him down, but he jerked his arm away. Then he scrambled off the bed and stomped out of the room. Lorna scowled at Laura, who appeared to be masturbating about 3 feet in the air in front of the closet. Ectoplasm was so close to transparent that details were very hard to see. Laura seemed to smile and shrugged.

"Don't give me that," Lorna hissed, jumping out of bed and pulling on a T-shirt to confront her sister's shade. "I shared him with you when you were alive, but he's mine now."

Laura stood up and rubbed her insubstantial hands slowly down her flanks. Then her expression changed, and she rushed at Lorna with arms outstretched and mouth open wide. Lorna felt a sudden chill and whirled around, but Laura was nowhere to be seen.

Lorna caught up with Soeren at the library. "What about here?" she whispered, "I don't think she can find us here." Over Soeren's shoulder she saw a black-clad librarian frowning at her and holding a finger to her lips.

"Are you crazy!?" he whispered back, "we can't be quiet enough. What about the park?"

Lorna sighed. "I don't know if that will work either." Laura was perched on top of one of the old card files, waving at her.

Sure enough, wherever they found for sex, Laura was there. Soeren just could not keep his mind on task, with his girlfriend's dead twin looking on.

"I just don't get it," Lorna said. "You were eager to have us together when we were both alive."

"That was different. She was thinking about sex, then. Now she almost seems to be trying to tell me something."

Lorna could not wait for an opportunity to confront Laura alone. "You want him to think I killed you," she whispered. "I can't believe you would do that to me!

"Anyway, bungee jumping was YOUR idea. You made a big deal about which bungee you got...omg! That was meant for ME and you screwed up.

"Were you that jealous?"

Publ. Daily Cabal 2007

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