Tuesday, August 29, 2017


ALLELE lecture series

The University of Alabama hosts a series of lectures on the subject of evolution every year. These cover current research in such fields as biology, chemistry, and geology, But also philosophy, language, religion, and more. We bring in top research scientists who are also very good communicators, from all over the world.

We pay travel expenses and a modest stipend. We raise much of the funds from various departments and other programs at the University. However, we also seek and accept donations from other organizations and from private individuals. You can find out how to give here:  http://evolution.ua.edu/supporters.html

First lecture this year: https://www.facebook.com/ALLELEseries "Human skin color is an evolutionary adaptation, not a racial characteristic," Nina Jablonski, September 15, Biology Auditorium, 7:30 PM, University of Alabama campus.

all lectures are free and open to the public

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