Saturday, April 25, 2020


Sami's dragon

wasn't much trouble
wingless, white, and blind
cave dragons make good pets
but Blanco (I know, I didn't name her)
developed a taste for beef
Sami fed her half of each hamburger
at the family cookouts
just across the backyard fence
the cow pasture was full of black and white dinner
at sundown the cows bedded down
Blanco tunneled under the fence
hunted by sense of smell
ate everything
including bones and hooves
quite a while before Farmer Jones
noticed the herd came up short
nobody suspected the poor blind dragon
even though she had tripled in size
over the past few months
motion activated cameras
revealed to the awful truth
Blanco had used up Sami's allowance
for the next 37 1/2 years

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