Tuesday, December 22, 2020



Dreams and Nightmares update:

Keeping up with submissions. If you submitted something more than a week and a half ago and you haven't heard back that means it made the short list.

The January issue, number 117, is being laid out. That is going slowly, because of other things keeping me busy. One of those is definitely not reading volume 6 of the complete Pogo newspaper strips, published by Fantagraphics, which brings us up to 1960, because I have finished reading that book. Lots of good stuff that did not make it into the books Kelly published when he was alive.

These are large hardbacks, and the strips are reproduced at large size. Volume 7 is out, and I have ordered it. There are going to be 12 volumes in total, published at about the rate of one per year. If you like either slapstick or politics in your comics, and you don't know Pogo, this was the premier comic strip from the late 40s till the early 70s. Everyone since then learned from the master. You need to buy them.

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