Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Monday, January 21, 2019


The Next Few Writing Projects

1. Gall Bladder of Darkness

It was so evil its shadow cast a shadow.


2. Carly and the Scone-Eaters

They would stop at nothing for a fix!


3. Invasion of the Clip Snatchers

The manuscript was 60 pages long. Could it ever stay together?!


4. The Room That Came To Sarnath

A hideous breakfast nook emerged from the retreating waters.


5. The Four Snacks of the Apocalypse

Stick to your diet or burn in Hell forever!


6. Jimbo and the Plumber's Crack

As if his jokes weren't bad enough!


Needs Something

He wasn't quite sure about the soup and
Leaned in to inhale its scent;
It bubbled suddenly, and a muscular green arm
Reached out of the pot to
Grasp Chef Pierre by the throat;
His eyes bulged, he clawed at the hairy wrist,
It was no use, inexorably he was drawn in,
Thrashing a bit at first, then limp as lettuce.
The pot bubbled, filling the room
With a rich, complex aroma.


As for the furniture upon the lawn,
Inspection showed that every bolt was gone.


Glanced last night at the cookie with a bite missing
shining big and orange from a clear dark sky
a rare wonder, but I was too cold to linger.

In Alabama's summer, when I could have taken it
optical astronomy would have sucked
Cybele's emblem would have been shrouded in mist
or worse.

I like to watch, as Peter Sellers said
but I like comfort more
this injury makes that elusive at the best of times
or so I try to recall.

Sunday, January 20, 2019


Jack of the Green

Green Jack dances in the tilted meadow
when darkness falls.
The windows overhead are blocked,
but the sun is shining on fields of flowers
on the other side of the river.

How he got there no one knows.
Perhaps he stowed away wrapped around a lily bulb,
pressed between the pages of a treasured scrapbook,
or in a packet of carrot seeds brought
from the old country by a small child.

Since he came, the plants are thriving,
which formerly languished in their new home,
the stalks are taller, more sturdy, the
flowers bigger and the colors brighter,
In Lagrangia now that Jack is here.