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DN 105 sent to printer. #106 ~1/2 full.


NASA found some possible mud cracks on Mars

If these are desiccation fractures,
then there was mud, there was water,
3 billion years or so ago,
this is a science poem,
no fiction in it,
but on the three photographs they posted,
unconvincing mud cracks, I must say,
centrally displayed,
off to the right on one I saw some wiggles,
tiny, parallel, wrinkles,
runzelmarken, those are called,
wrinkle marks, to the Anglophone geologist;
they form when wind blows across very shallow water,
water over mud, whose surface
holds together just a bit;
here on earth what does that
is called a microbial mat:
microbes, buddy!
Microbes on Mars,
3 billion years ago,
and why not now?
Why not now? 


tornado weather
spring flowers coming up
before February

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


After the change
those who were now slugs
quit their jobs in the salt mines
tried gardening, but were summarily fired
when they just couldn't resist sampling the merchandise
a few found success as xylophone players
some played practical jokes
on anyone named Shelley
many committed suicide
by beer

Southeastern Evolutionary Perspectives Society

The second annual meeting of this group is coming up Darwin Day weekend in Tuscaloosa, February 9-11, 2017

SEEPS is a consortium of all those interested in evolution, from biological to cultural; treated scientifically and artistically, and everything in between. This year's meeting includes a session focusing on K-12 education. This is the first day, and attendance at that session is free.

I will be talking later in the meeting about Pennsylvanian trace fossils from North Alabama and what they say about evolution of life on this planet.

Conference website:

Twitter: @SEEPSociety