Tuesday, October 22, 2019


bacteria finally got a handle
on the plastic crisis
the oceans get more pure every day
critters are healthier
the landscape cleaner
but things have started disintegrating
on store shelves
within every building, playground, car
and now eyeglasses, contacts,
pace-makers, subcutaneous pumps
almost everything is plastic now


It turns out that everyone becomes a ghost. At this point, there are so many of us in that category, that the surface of the land has actually been elevated several centimeters. Unfortunately, this is not enough to counteract the effects of melting of the ice caps. Then again, that will produce even more ghosts!


can easily retrieve things from under the bed
piggy-back rides for all
take out loans to buy shoes
have trouble with revolving doors
and the top shelf
have lots of room for tattoos

Monday, October 21, 2019


"edgy" Star Trek show
where people were bicolored
point not taken


The University of Alabama Evolutionary Studies Club has produced some really cool T-shirts, with pockets, at an amazingly low price. Check them out:



Fellow Traveler

We none of us go swimming anymore,
Some swear they met an unknown woman there;
She bade them join her, but some ghastly fear
Made each one hesitate, and back away.
We’ve fewer than one hundred on the ship,
There are no strangers after all this time,
And yet two members of our crew have gone;
Their clothes discarded, scattered by the pool.

Last night a lake of water blocked the hall,
Too wide to jump, but I forbore to wade
Across; I turned to leave and felt a hand
Upon my ankle; wrenching free, I ran.
Today one more of us had disappeared.
How long before we all are dead and drowned?

Sunday, October 20, 2019


The Most Perfect Food

They’re not cooked, neither shaken nor stirred,
Lightly seasoned; otherwise pristine,
Perfect for recovery from head injury,
Or for a growing fetus;
Straight from a nutrient bath,
Free of impurities of any sort;
A wholesome sacrifice to the temple, your body.

The brains are physically developed, sure,
But there’s no cognition, no person there;
It’s just an organic thing,
Grown under sterile conditions,
And with the best of care.

Our product conforms to anti-cannibalism statutes
In 37 states. And several foreign countries.
Guaranteed not to have even the most vapid,
Errant, thought, a tabula rasa ready for consumption,
Ready to become a part of you,
                                                    Valuable, versatile,
                                                                                    Tasty too.