Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eye To The Telescope

Eye To The Telescope is a speculative poetry ezine with themed issues. The theme this time is science poetry.

I forgot 4-21

time machines - gotta love 'em
you read this yesterday
and liked it


Currently reading 5 books. 1 I keep in the car for waiting rooms.

to-read piles teeter
I only bought one
and still they come

Monday, April 21, 2014

DN 66 Contents--Sept. 2003

Dreams and Nightmares 66

September 2003 (actually published in March 2004, because of my accident in early 2003)


Dee Rimbaud, cover
from the brainstem
Allen Koszowski, illustration
Roger Dutcher, Bolts of memory
Denis Tiani, illustration
Mike Allen, The best of all probable worlds
Cathy Buburuz, illustration
Bruce Boston, Like a bunch of animals pawing
Mario Milosevic, Caretakers
Karen L. Frank, Faster than light
F. J. Bergmann, Ancient knowledge
F. J. Bergmann, Death and the maiden
Saint James Wood, Savage storm dog ballet
Denis Tiani, illustration
Roger Dutcher, The Gardens of LA
Chris Friend, illustration
Eric Pape, Bound woman talking
Cathy Buburuz, illustration
Bruce Boston, things you can't avoid as an immortal
Denis Tiani, back cover

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issues 1-7
17-66 (incl. 2 double issues)
82-97Sept. 2003

Sunday, April 20, 2014


The circle of life

the virus knows
how hard to push
just shy of driving you
to seek a radical cure

virus analogy outdated
it's a parasite with a mind
its vehicle mankind
womankind too
quite egalitarian
till it reaches critical mass

distributed consciousness
powerful enough
self-sustaining enough
it controls mining

till robot slaves
replace human victims
and automated telescopes
revive, expand SETI
seek potential victims

where to next?

and from the stars
spam, spam, spam, and spam.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Inspired by Jane Yolen's poem of the day

Through this ocularum
the haggard priestess said
the future is revealed
or something like it
no guarantees; best not to look

This here was prized from
a mutant krill, whale killer
Leviathan saw deep
you can too

Last is best
the cosmologist's orb
her left; she saw round corners
of every kind

I chose that milky gelid thing
looked long through it
but saw only my own back
retreating thru
landscapes colorful and strange.