Sunday, May 28, 2017


picked clean
the iron core will become
many fine ships


DN 107 is complete, except for a cover. I need an illustration. It can be in color, but it needs to look good in B&W on a digest-sized page. Any SF or fantasy subject. You can see many examples from past issues on pages associated with this blog. I can only pay $12+2 copies, I'm sorry to say. Deadline July 15th.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Day lilies (5 kinds), some other kind of lily, 4 other kinds of lily in bud, passionflower, Menarda, 3 different roses, glads, spider wort, Hoya (inside), Niphophia (sp?), May Night, Gerbera daisy, sorrel (2 kinds), sunflowers, blackberries, yarrow, 2 kinds of gardenia, all blooming in the garden today.

the gardener
is out there now, working
incentive all around

Friday, May 26, 2017

Musical covers I like

Gov't Mule, Pink Floyd's "Money," live -- close to heaven

Flying Lizards, Summertime Blues -- all the way there

Flying Lizards, the other "Money" -- live, OMG


Even this tiny snail's perfect fossil shell

Who put these reefs
shouldering out from road-side cliffs
dripping with corals
not seen alive for 300 million years
put them there to fool us
trick us into thinking
the world is an old old place?

The very same person
who built the whole shebang
from nothing, nothing at all
and loves us dearly
though, never speaking to us
or showing his face
is a funny way to show it


slapping the stuck window hard
running to the kitchen
full of church ladies
bleeding on the tiles
scar's gone after 40 years
so's the thespian
and the boy
and the window


robot moon
simulates an old face
faux polar ice