Wednesday, May 25, 2016


They drilled in one spot
A place the locals avoided
Superstitious nonsense
The sea bottom opened up
Sucked the drilling platform right down into it
A loud noise reverberated
Drill pipe and some odd bits shot out of the hole
Which then closed up
They dug for it, but never found anything
Just a subsiding pit
In the bottom of the sea


Edible houses sounded like the next big thing, but they quickly became infested with small children, who became homicidal when attempts were made to remove them.


reborn, by law, as mosquitos
most politicians were grateful
they were no longer leeches

few remembered
their tapeworm youth

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Antarctic thaw
Cyclopean ruins
Tunnels to the sunless sea
Something moves in darkness


The Yeast-Roll armada easily overwhelmed the sausage patty brigade assigned to the rearguard, but they were never the same afterwards.



Colossal man was lonely.
You know, it takes two to tango.
Humongous woman was just too large.
You can't dance with someone.
When your head is at their knee.
Gigantic lady was far too small.
No bigger than his toe.
Stupendous girl
she was just right.
Sorry, New York City.
For all the footprints


The Literate Lunch

Each night the train rumbles past
Shaking letters out of the old books
A rain of consonants and vowels
On the library floor
Drifts, some mornings, like black snow
A few speckles of green or red
Where illuminated manuscripts reside
The morning sweeper cleans the floors
Takes the letters home in her lunch pail
Assembles the definitive autobiography
Of somebody
She wonders who