Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cut another, or are they gone?

The vase contained no water, only the desiccated remnant of the Singing Rose. Damn that girl! Had she forgotten, or was this jealousy?


today the sun rises
before it sets
God's second eye opens

the burning begins:
forests, fields, cities,
ruling feathertops and lowly sluggers
all consumed by the flame
of synchronicity

next year
a third sun rises
idols that have not burned
they will melt

Saturday, January 24, 2015


mouse bites
on the power cord
hyperspace dropout


biodegradable sweet wrappers
anchor shipboard ecology
we need predators

DN 100 update

At the printer. When I get the proof from them, if it's ok, the pdf subscriber copies will be sent. If you want a pdf copy & don't already subscribe, it's $1; or $39 for pdfs of all issues, past & future. Paypal to

Rough Weed

No one at the feeder; it's stuffed with GM seed. Delicate bones amid the feral sunflowers tell the story: this stuff bites back.


high-octane spread
even the fruit flies steered clear
of Auntie's compote