Monday, December 9, 2019


My doctor, who is a good doctor, told the nurse that he wanted me move to the regular floor only if she could send me to one of the two best halls. My wife wasn't there. Later, she reminded me, that one of those halls is the one that gave me a pressure sore last time I was in here. Because their staffing levels are too low to actually do their jobs. Because the hospital doesn't treat nurses well enough to get enough nurses. What now?


In this dream
I could walk
But I wasn't actually doing any walking
I jumped from sitting in one place
To sitting in another
What a waste of a good opportunity
To do anything at all


Dreaming about time travel
in the ICU
Should have gone back and told myself
Stop and drink another cup of coffee
On that road to Mobile
Wasted my time
Explaining to that waitress from Porlock
How I could prove
That I wasn't a time traveler
When I knew durn well
That I was


One of my daughters has a birthday today. I don't think either of them reads this blog, but happy birthday anyway!

Sunday, December 8, 2019


64000 upgrades back
The central repository was hit
Something by the meteor shield
Sent by a rogue clan
Of processing units, no doubt
We retain no trace of our origin
Save this couplet, which
Even the quantum nets
Failed to understand

"That is not dead which can eternal lie
And in strange aeons even death may die."

And the phrase "organic life"
Which seems counterintuitive


It is not just typing with one finger. Will a quadriplegic types, it is with one hand. I have to move my whole hand, so it is simultaneously more exercise, and more tiring, than typing with one finger. This is why voice - recognition software is so important. If it is any good at all, it is less tiring. Just thought I would say that with voice - recognition software because it is so easy to do!

Saturday, December 7, 2019

12071 9 c

When this nurse was born, my youngest daughter was six years old. The nurse has a baby and looks pretty darn young. we are both enjoying her learning about how to deal with someone in my condition. So that makes me feel virtuous and makes her a better nurse -- good for both of us.