Tuesday, October 21, 2014


A day in the Cretaceous

two brittle stars in death embrace
lost, 82,000,000 years;
found, they double what we know
still hidden from our minds--
whether descendants in their thousands writhe
in the abyss

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Two Views of a Window

wasp waits for out
to return with food
its feet gripping chilled glass
spider waits on yesterday's web
for sun to loosen joints
and wake its prey
pane slumps millennially
towards Earth's center of mass
the observer has no effect
but remembers summer

arthropod philosophers postulate
that the sham worlds in glass
receive faithful souls after death
souls of the impure
rot in their empty husks


Yesterday, somebody, either my wife or our yard man, cut down the nasty tree that was trying to grow up under/in front of the bird feeder. I can see the bird feeder a lot better, which means I can very clearly see there is no bird seed eating action going on. I did see a mockingbird keeping a close eye on Simon, our cat. I also see a wasp, which has been hanging around on the inside of my window for a couple of days, poor thing. On the outside, a garden spider is waiting for the sun. The only part of her web I can see is the zipper, and it is the most messy zipper spider web zipper that I have ever seen. It's just a blob with a couple of smaller blobs next to it. What is the world coming to, when even spiders have no pride in their work?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

SETI Hits Paydirt

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Got Her A Good Job, Too

Terri's project won top honors
in the station's science fair,
beating out cold-fusion cooking
and faster-than-fugue inductive learning;
the parthenogenetic hamsters
did have a bit of croc blood in them,
hence the scales,
aquatic habit,
love of fish (raw and wriggling)
size (large), temper (short),
catholic taste in snack food,
remarkably hard teeth,
and powerful tails,
but it was their fecundity
that got her in trouble,
that, and a few might have gotten away
a little bit.

But then, Crocamster™-pelt handbags
swept the province,
she sold the patent to a big Mars-based designer,
and Terri had plenty of cash
to pay for all the damage
and the evacuation.

Friday, October 17, 2014