Sunday, April 20, 2014


The circle of life

the virus knows
how hard to push
just shy of driving you
to seek a radical cure

virus analogy outdated
it's a parasite with a mind
its vehicle mankind
womankind too
quite egalitarian
till it reaches critical mass

distributed consciousness
powerful enough
self-sustaining enough
it controls mining

till robot slaves
replace human victims
and automated telescopes
revive, expand SETI
seek potential victims

where to next?

and from the stars
spam, spam, spam, and spam.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Inspired by Jane Yolen's poem of the day

Through this ocularum
the haggard priestess said
the future is revealed
or something like it
no guarantees; best not to look

This here was prized from
a mutant krill, whale killer
Leviathan saw deep
you can too

Last is best
the cosmologist's orb
her left; she saw round corners
of every kind

I chose that milky gelid thing
looked long through it
but saw only my own back
retreating thru
landscapes colorful and strange.

Friday, April 18, 2014

DN update

Subscribers should now all have their copies of # 97.

98 is full, and I am putting the issue together.

I am currently reading for 99, and for 100, which is a special issue devoted to poetry loosely about "time." That issue will have a color cover, and will be longer than most.

I continue to scan back issues. 78 out of 97 existing issues are now available digitally. As I go through the old issues, I am seeing many wonderful poems I had forgotten about.

$39 for all digital issues, past & future, forever. Paypal:


high atop a NY hotel
world leader turned 3rd-rate dancer
bids cruel world a tearful fairwell
Putin on the Ritz

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Star in a 4-billion-year show!

Hip hop artist/playwright Baba Brinkman is in town for a performance of "Rap Guide to Evolution" & a documentary production tentatively titled Darwin's America. We need folks to appear in the documentary! Today, filming will be in front of Reese Phifer at 5PM after his appearance on WVUA Radio for "Don't Sleep with Mean People." Friday, filming will be on the steps of Foster at NOON for "I'm A African" & the performance GRACE ABERDEAN HABITAT ALCHEMY at 7PM. Please meet us at any or all of those locations & spread the word!

This event is organized by the EvoS Club, Evolutionary Working Group, Sassafras Center for Arts & Environment, & Grace Aberdean Habitat Alchemy & sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs, College of Arts & Sciences, Ferguson Center, Department of Anthropology, & Communicative Disorders.


cave of worlds
is full of lost spelunkers
mostly predators left

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DN 65, May 2003 -- contents

Dreams and Nightmares 65

May 2003

table of contents

Marge Simon, cover illustration
Christina Sng, The Summoning
Erin Donahoe, Woman With Webbed Fingers
Bruce Boston, Dali's Ego on Karloff's Frankenstein
W. Paul Ganley, The Dream House
Jody Forest, People of the Monolith
Jason Van Hollander, illustration for People of the Monolith
G. O. Clark, It Was Just A Movie
Sarah Ruth Jacobs, Stick Man
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Brochure at the Cryo-Ship Stand
Alan Catlin, De-boning the Dreamer
Andy Miller, Calliope
Robert Wooten, stakethroughtheheart
Bruce Boston, The Death of Statues
Thomas D. Jones, Death of Atlas
Sonya Taaffe, Gray's Anatomy
Marge Simon, illustration
Karen A. Romanko, Medusa at 10
Cathy Buburuz, back cover illustration

DN pdfs are $1 each. Send $1 per issue to this paypal account: If you'd like to subscribe to DN in pdf format, decide how many issues you want, send me $1/issue, and tell me the start issue #. Or, for $39, get ALL, past & future. You can instead of using paypal send a check to David Kopaska-Merkel, 1300 Kicker Rd., Tuscaloosa AL 35404. The first issue was published in January 1986. You can find many tables of contents from scanned back issues in this blog.

76 PDFs available so far

issues 1-7
17-65 (incl. 2 double issues)

May 14th was my accident. I'm not sure, but I think these were stacked up in my office for months.