Thursday, June 30, 2016


Dream Catcher

Choose a book at random:
The answer you seek is on page 3,
It is blank,
This means you should keep calm
And carry on.
The toadstools on the kitchen floor are not edible,
They won't harm the dog.
You want the bracket fungus,
I'm not sure which wall it will choose,
But the dream of your father,
That's where you'll find it.


The Gorm made one mistake when they invaded Earth. Although, you would think that someone would have remembered that they were allergic to nitrogen gas.


swollen ovaries
promise lilies next June
dozer engines catch

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Too late, Ross remembered his button camera. The shirt he had checked out from the Agency had been in the washer for 30 minutes already.


seedless watermelons
eunuchs giving their lives
with no hope of procreation
what happened to hunting prey
with a sharp rock?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dreams and Nightmares 103 update

I have the proof of this issue back from the printer already and I am going to check it over tonight. As soon as I am sure everything is correct I'll be mailing out PDF copies to subscribers. If you don't have a digital subscription, you can buy a copy of this issue in that format for a dollar. You can order it using PayPal from me at this email address: You can order back issues or subscribe to future issues for the same price: one dollar per issue for digital copies. You can also buy a lifetime digital subscription for $39. This gets you every available back issue (nearly all of the 102 back issues are available). For $99 you can also get a print subscription and all available print back issues (about 15 are still available).

But if you just want to try one out, get #103 for a dollar and see what you think. Dreams and Nightmares is one of the oldest existing speculative poetry magazines. Quite a few of the poems I've published have been nominated for the Rhysling award, and this year three of them won.

If you don't like to use PayPal, send a check made out to me at 1300 Kicker Rd., Tuscaloosa, AL 35404.


The garden has produced its first batch of pesto of the year: yay! Meanwhile, trees and other weeds are strangling the climbing roses. On the plus side, yesterday we found three glads that someone had surplused by the road in their front yard. You can never have too many.

"The taming of the shrew" is playing outdoors by the river this weekend. I haven't seen that one in a long time.

I got the proof of dreams and nightmares 103 from the printer today. It should be in the mail next week.