Monday, July 28, 2014

DN 98 update

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Don't Worry, Be Happy

time machines
will let our descendants
rescue us from our fates:
car accident
bad marriage
bad investment
the future's crowded
the past filled with androids
replacing the Rescued
which is why we don't notice the disappearances

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Car Talk unfair to parts

Car Talk's radio ads are funny, but 1 of them makes no sense at all. "If you replace one part, do all the other parts get envious?" No. If you replace one child, do all the other children get envious? If car parts are sentient, replacing one is like taking your spouse off li9fe support & remarrying. I'm sure that the kids & pets are all "Hey! What about me?!" No, car parts are property, & we work them to death. The best they have to look forward to is retirement in a museum. All they have to worry about then is the entire wo0rld dropping out from under them.



When Ground Sloth went,

Things got dicey for Osage Orange,

Wolf, Louse, and Bear.

It was Man convinced Sloth to go

Back to the dreamtime,

Delivering blows lovingly but relentlessly

Until Sloth shuffled off,

Leaving a host of parasites and predators

In the lurch, to be honest.

Wolf and Bear found their dinners elsewhere,

Though they were diminished in the process,

Neither as dire as formerly;

Louse moved to lesser pastures;

But poor Hedge Apple

Had no one left to scour her seed,

No one to help her be fruitful and multiply,

Save Man, who'd caused the problem in the first place,

As usual..


Saturday, July 26, 2014


From these walls

A strong wind blows,
Heralding something that draws near;
It is freighted with a world of solidity.
These living rooms are flimsy things,
A-clatter with this and that,
Fluttering with indecision
Unlike their past selves,
Which are indivisible quanta of spacetime.
Today has naught but meat
To occupy it, and us,
Rippling in tomorrow's wind
Like the breath of a subway train,
Barreling towards our station.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Gol durn them rabbits

It began with a carved wooden dog parked at the garden gate. Farmer Brown looked around and scratched his head, wondering who'd left it. Then he rolled it inside the fence. At midnight, the lagomorphs emerged to feed.

DN 98 update

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