Wednesday, October 18, 2017


So the fossil field workshop for teachers yesterday went really well. The weather was perfect. One of the teachers found a turtle femur. A fossil femur 82.5 million years old. People found fossils of sharks, fish, mosasaurs, oysters, ammonites, shrimp burrows, teredo worms (actually a kind of wood-boring clam),and lots more things. Wish you had gone? Just send me your email address and tell me why you're sending that and I will put you on the list to be reminded next year.


the love song of rabbits
where fur meets fang
and the green slit-pupil eye
the old man has still got it
though white hairs freckle sable
and he pauses
before a high jump


so the student passed his defense. Everyone is happy. Tomorrow when he realizes he has nine days to make more than 500 corrections to his dissertation he may not be quite so happy.

On my way back over here I thought of two very funny jokes to inflict on you all.

Funny with the ha ha
that's what it was
I had no way to make a note
the greatest joke ever
but now it's gone
I just have to hope
it wasn't as funny
as the way I remember it


unanswered mail
from the year one
pray he's still living


cold this year
in the field
fondly remember last year's  90+F
this time?
afternoon in the sun
and one of us
found a turtle femur
82.5 myo

Monday, October 16, 2017


office as staging
area for the workshop
books fossils maps


time to pack for two trips: 1 a cold workshop outdoors, one to a wedding.

didn't bring in
the tropical plants
I'm sure they're fine