Friday, January 17, 2020


I heard an amusing story today. An RN told me that when she was a kid, she loved to pet cows (she grew up on a farm). She would go out in the cow pasture and lie down on her back, keeping very still. Cows, being curious creatures, would come stand around her and bend their heads down to see why she was there and what she was doing. She would very quickly stroke one of them on the nose, and they would all run away. Now she wonders why her mother let her do things like that! And why she never got kicked in the head. Thank God for the permissiveness of the old days! (Although she is the same age as my oldest daughter, and we never let her wander around by herself. I always went with her.)


oh won't it be joyful
cheater cheats on the girlfriend
he's cheating with

True story! And with someone he cheated with before, and who is now cheating on her partner.


O-boy Lacrosse

free range eggs,
bounding across the prairie,
agilely rolling between horses' hooves,
as the o-wranglers lean over
with their long-handled nets,
scooping them into cartons,
branded, to minimize thievery

Thursday, January 16, 2020


When the earliest scorpions
Johnny-come-latelies, all
finally made it onto land
there was a whole host of crawling things
already there
soft and rubbery, vermiform
waiting to be eaten
the land claimed
in the name of Arachnida
out-Columbusing Columbus
they seized the whole kit and caboodle
until their clever cousins
the insects
came along


crack the helmet
and really breathe the air
such as it is


organic microbots
ate the microplastics
new search image


The PDFs of DN 114 will be available this weekend. Print copies a little later.