Tuesday, October 27, 2020



We did not begin our existence as food creatures manufactured by primitive autochthons that had not even learned to master space or time! Could we?



all our ancestors
stored in this supercooled drive
you never visit



we sell the natives'
body parts for use in medicine
better than each other

like our forebears did



travel between worlds

running as fast as a car

not the weird part

Monday, October 26, 2020




Tiny fossil sponge, one of many embedded in a microbial reef. S = spongocoel, the hollow inside of the sponge; white arrow = needle-shaped spicules; M = fine-grained limestone mud matrix; F = fenestra, from the Latin for window, a relatively large void now filled with calcite cement crystals. Mississippian of North Alabama. Scale in the lower right.



I finally made it up to my office on Sunday and I have the print copies of Dreams and Nightmares 116. I will get subscriber and contributor copies in the mail as soon as possible. I also took about 30 photographs of very tiny fossils.



subsonic shake
from the downstairs apartment
dang Venusians!