Friday, December 9, 2022


A creation myth from my 2019 speculative poetry collection, "The Ambassador Takes One For The Team."

The Universe According to Arf

Dog created matter, and energy,
igneous rock, that maketh all new,
sedimentary rock, yea,
and that which has metamorphosed,
dog put into motion the geochemical cycles,
and created the microscopic organic spheres,
dog allowed environmental parameters to wax and to wane,
and lo, there was selection (naturally),
and much time passed,
and things were primordial,
and it was good,
and yet more time rolled by,
like unto a mighty river,
like unto the Mighty Mississip,
which did not yet exist,
and dog made a note,
and saw that it was good,
and dog saw further that there were plants,
and invertebrates aplenty,
a veritable smorgasbord of them,
but no vertebrates,
not even Amphioxus, their flaccid cousin,
and so the world was sadly lacking
in the bone department.

“Woof,” dog said,
and there were bones,
and it was good.

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Happy 40th birthday to my eldest, living so far across the sea. We chat every day, but we need to video chat again. The time differential makes this a challenge. At least time is no longer the only thing that can go so swiftly. speech and money can do the same. :-)


hot water heater
curious name for something
that heats cold water

Musing over our silly names for things.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022