Sunday, December 5, 2021


My next full-length poetry collection, "Some Disassembly Required," is due out early next year. These poems, many of which are new, are about monsters, human and otherwise. I'll have the cover to show you RSN. For now, I still have signed copies of my last full-length collection, "The Ambassador Takes One For the Team." This book sports a really cool cover by the incomparable Allen K. Order from via paypal: $10 postpaid. If you prefer, you can get it from Amazon.


Monstera astra
spreads its wings to the stars
giddy in the lounge


Three Louisiana Holiday Haiku

tuning up
before the parade
sounds of Christmas

dancers trudging the last float

held above my head
the baby reaches for beads
the floats the noise


no gentle snores
but her body's warm
fear melts away


Ooid grainstone, partially dolomitized (gray; red is calcite), two generations of calcite cement, pore lining (less dolomitized) and later pore filling (more dolomitized). Highly altered shoal deposit. Jurassic Smackover Formation, south Alabama, 2.5 mm wide field of view.

Saturday, December 4, 2021


Dolomitized and then calcitized (red) anhydrite nodule in pellet ooid packstone, Smackover Formation. 2.5 mm wide.

Dolomitized and then partially calcitized pellet ooid grainstone. White anhydrie cement in large void.

Partially dolomitized oolite; depoositional fabric unclear.


frog calls
from the grassy ditch
dog stops dead