Wednesday, April 25, 2018


under the covers
a strange ecology grew
morning's child looked familiar


my morning

a minor adjustment to my chair necessitated a trip of 45 minutes one way and it took a couple of hours of getting-around-to-it time, mostly. But now I may be able to get in my friend's house without us having to move pliable pieces of  material that help me get over her door sill. and hopefully that terrible scraping sound from the slab to the grass in my backyard will be a thing of the past.


underground mines
tunnels repurposed
by creatures non-terrene

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


the grazers get closer every day
sorry now we put in a sod house


shoe in front
of the new file cabinet
no sign of prof Jones


survival of the fittest

Those who stick Darwin fish
on their vehicles
abhor vandalism
of those who post
a different fish
a few are vandals
strong selective pressure
for the Darwin fishers
to change their ways
perhaps by installing iconic bike racks
and the like
the process is an evolutionary one
if the Darwin fish vanish
who gets the last laugh?


vestige of winter's
chill digs in its heels but again