Sunday, December 9, 2018


These are my poems that are eligible this year for nomination for the Rhysling award of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association. The first group also are eligible for the Dwarf Stars award. Some other poems are eligible, but I like these best. If you are a member of the Association, and you would like to see the poems for nomination purposes, let me know.

Very Short Poems

always intended,” Scifaikuest Nov. print
changeling,” Star*Line 41.1
at the expat school,” Scifaikuest, Feb. print
condensation,” Scifaikuest, May print
crystals of nitrogen,” Scifaikuest Nov. print
freezer bags bulging,” Scifaikuest Feb. online
fresh footprints,” Scifaikuest Aug. online
half-elven girl,” Scifaikuest Nov. online
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!, Dreams and Nightmares blog, Dec. 6
Jack’s 7 league boots,” Scifaikuest Feb. print
on each lunar peak,” Star*line 41.3
red dust,” Scifaikuest Feb. print
red dust dunes,” Scifaikuest Nov. print
taut red sails,” Scifaikuest Aug. print
the cocoon whispers,” Scifaikuest May print
the last woman,” Scifaikuest Feb. print
we must have been blind,” Star*Line 41.3
young dawgs,” Scifaikuest Feb. online

Short Poems

Animatronic Aliens, Star*Line 41.1
Apr├Ęs le Deluge, Illumen, summer
death from space,” Scifaikuest Aug. 18 print
Dispersal, Star*Line 41.3
e for effort,” Star*Line 41.3
Entanglement (with Kendall Evans), Entanglement (chapbook)
just out of sight,” (with Ann K. Schwader), Scifaikuest May print
Keep On Til Morning, Star*Line 41.1
New Stars, Star*Line 4141
On Mercury, Not One of Us 60
Perimeter, Outposts of Beyond January
Pick Up the Phone, Outposts of Beyond Oct.
Polar Thaw, Cyaegha 20
Reflections of You, Silver Blade 39
Sacraments of an Old World, Scifaikuest Nov. print
Some God Had to Be the Real McCoy, The Fib Review 29
The Once and Future Colony, The Martian Wave 2018
The Steadfast Heart, The Fib Review 30
The Unforgotten Shore, Scifaikuest Feb. print
The Werewolf Books a Trip to Mars, Bloodbond Nov.
Velocities (with Kendall Evans), The Martian Wave 2018
Word, Chrome Baby 70

Long Poems

it took some time,” (with Ann K. Schwader), Devilfish Review #20
Memories of the Minotaur (with Kendall Evans), Entanglement (chapbook)
The Sisterhood of the Iron Wing (with W. Gregory Stewart), Eldritch Science fall
The Stars Are Not Eternal (with Kendall Evans), Entanglement (chapbook)


plastic fish moves

a trillion flakes embedded
microbial gel sparks and flashes

the neural net learns
from every creature it consumes
dreaming of leviathan



A quad’s troubled by them;
From the terra incognita below my nipples,
Reliable reports come in from my stomach:
Hunger, repletion, nausea;
All else is fake news.

When I bump my knee,
Or seem to,
There is an ache,
Almost a sharp pain,
Where kneecap resides,
Doctor says this heralds nothing,
Much less the return of true sensation.

Sometimes my nether limbs
Send reports of movement;
All false,
As my eyes inform me.

These 14 post-traumatic years:
Lies, lies, lies,
Unpleasant ones at that,
Pain or discomfort,
Never a good feeling.

But finally,
What I’ve been dreaming of
Has come to pass:
Stirrings from...down there,
The feeling a man gets,
As he begins to rise,
Faint, but exhilarating,
Unreal, but I don’t care.
Actually, I do,
This long-awaited blessing
Brings hope,
And now I wonder--
What stumbles me-ward
From that undiscovered country?


the last tree for paper
writing comes first

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Friday, December 7, 2018


there once were two moons of Uranus,

that orbited each simultaneous,
one followed the clock,
the other did not,
thus ended the moons of Uranus.