A Bibliography

A Bibliography

Poetry and fiction books by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Only the four most recently published books are still in print: Some Disassembly Required, The Ambassador Takes One For the Team, Entanglement, and Metastable Systems. These books are available from Amazon, but if you order from me I get more of the money. Also, if you order two print books the price you pay is $3 less than the price listed. So if the two books are listed at $10 each, you pay $17. Three books are $5 off. All four together are $7 off. If you order a print book and an ebook, the latter is free.

My newest book:

Some Disassembly Required, Diminuendo Press, poetry, 2022, ISBN 978-1-936021-67-3. Order from jopnquog@gmail.com via PayPal; $10 print $3 ebook (five formats: epub, mobi, pdf, lit, lrf). If you don't use Paypal, you can send a check (address below).

Praise for Some Disassembly Required:

Some Disassembly Required had me at “Bah Bah Black Goat”….Providing both tongue-in-fungoid-cheek and real scares, Kopaska-Merkel’s poetry just about covers it with his use of free verse and formalist verse (Great Old One haibun, uh-huh), funny and scary verse, Sfnal and fantastical verse.

When you read some of these poems, you’ll recognize places you’ve been...even if only in your dreams and nightmares. Kinda nice to have some validation for those night gaunt sightings, eh?

Only reality is scarier than some of these poems.

--Denise Dumars, author of Paranormal Romance: Poems Romancing the Paranormal.

1. underfoot, the runaway spoon press, poetry, 1991, ISBN 0-926935-60-7,

2. a round white hole, dbqp press, poetry, 1993
3. The Conspiracy Unmasked, Dark Regions Press, poetry, 1994
4Magic, edited by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Morgan L. Kopaska-Merkel, fiction, 1995
5. hunger, Preternatural press, poetry, 1996,
6. Results of a preliminary investigation of the electrochemical properties of some organic matrices, Eraserhead Press, poetry, 1999
7. Y2K survival kit, smoldering banyan press, poetry, 1999,
8. The Ruined City, gnarled totem press, poetry, 2003,
9. Shoggoths, Sam's Dot publishing, poetry, 2003
10. The Deadbolt Casebook, Sam's Dot publishing (fiction), 2004
11. the egg show, speakeasy press, poetry, 2005, ISBN 0-9762962-0-9 ($40, entirely handmade including the paper)
12. I don't know what you're having, Sam's Dot publishing, poetry, 2005
13. Separate Destinations (with Kendall Evans), D66 Press, poetry, 2005, ISBN 1-892958-02-3

14. Hasp Deadbolt, Private Eye, Sam's Dot publishing, fiction, 2007
 Drowning Atlantis, Spec House of Poetry, flash fiction, 2007
 the memory of persistence, Naked Snake Press, poetry, 2007
17. Nursery Rhyme Noir, Sam's Dot, 978-09821068-3-9, fiction (incorporates 10 and 14), 2008 
18. Night Ship to Never (with Kendall Evans), Diminuendo Press, poetry, 2009

 The Simian Transcript, Banana Oil Press, flash fiction, 2010

 Brushfires, Sam's Dot, poetry, 2010
 The Tin Men  (with Kendall Evans), Sam's Dot, poetry, 2011
 The Edible Zoo, Sam's Dot, poetry, 2012
 Luminous Worlds, Dark Regions Press, poetry, 2013
24. SETI Hits Paydirt, Popcorn Press, poetry, 2014
25. Gods and Monsters, Popcorn Press, flash fiction, 2015 
26. Metastable Systems, diminuendo press, poetry, 2017, ISBN-13: 978-1-936021-57-4. STILL AVAILABLE FROM ME, $10 print. 

27. Entanglement (with Kendall Evans), diminuendo press, poetry, 2018, ISBN 13: 978-1-936021-56-7. STILL AVAILABLE FROM ME, $7 print.
28. The Ambassador Takes One For The Team, diminuendo press, 2019, 978-1-936021-63-5. STILL AVAILABLE FROM ME ($10 print; $3 PDF)

Praise for Ambassador:

The Ambassador Takes One for the Team explores, humorously and tragically, the divine and the alien—and in doing so, the muddled, mixed mess that is humanity. By turns hilarious and hideous (frequently both at once!), these narratives are presented in a deceptively colloquial matter-of-fact voice.

And if you are one of those wacky species
That believes in an afterlife
I guess you'll never know
You were wrong about that too.

The unfortunate (mostly) human (mostly) speakers often don’t do well in their interactions with gods, other lifeforms, or the unknown—and those interactions tell us about our entirely human problems. Even those entities who interact successfully (from their point of view, at least) teach us more about ourselves than the ostensible narrator. We’re all ambassadors here, wherever we go—but sometimes acting on behalf of huge mistakes.

We need something to take our minds off
What we’re doing to ourselves,
Since we evidently
Don’t intend to stop.

Coming from a solid and evident background in hard science, which he has no hesitation in distorting or subverting, David C. Kopaska-Merkel’s clever, wonderful poems will take your mind off your troubles, all right—by giving you some new and unusual ideas to think about.

—F. J. Bergmann, former editor of Star*Line and winner of SFPA’s Elgin and Rhysling Awards

Contact information:
David C. Kopaska-Merkel
10055 Goodwood Blvd
Baton Rouge LA 70815
(205) 246-9346

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