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DN 25 & 26 Contents

Dreams and Nightmares 25

July 1988

Table of contents

Russ Miller, cover
Michael Noonan, The Gang (illo), 2/11
From the Brain Stem, 3
Arthur R. Joyce, Ephemeral Express, 4
Wendy Rathbone, The Man with Black Wings, 6
Krzysztof Ostaszewski, Opus 121, a comedy, 7
Cheryl Simeone, Guitar Man, 8
W. Gregory Stewart, if in those flames, 9
Russ Miller, Inspiration, 10
Wayne Allen Sallee, Etchings for Dennison 2: Fugitive Musings
G. D. Wolfe, Bad Dream, 12
Lisa Kucharski, Meanwhile, 12
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, collage (illo), 13
Russ Miller, illo, bacover


Dreams and Nightmares 26

January 1989

table of contents

Russ Miller, Illo for "Island of the Dead," cover
Robert Frazier, Island of the Dead
Keith Allen Daniels, Hemeralopia
Michael Paul Peter, 132
Chris Friend, illo
Stan Proper, Chessboard
Marlys Bradley Huffman, Message
Ree Young and M.B. Simon, Scientific Vacation Break
Lisa Kucharski, who me?
James S. Dorr, Conscription: 2188
Ree Young, illo
W. Gregory Stewart, in reds & black
Wendy Rathbone, Anything to do with Dreams
Krzysztof Ostaszewski, Opus 4, a tragedy
Maryanne K. Snyder, Repast
Dan Crawford, Refurbishing
Ann K. Schwader, Night Siren
Donna Dolezal Zelzer, Dissolution
John Grey, Variations of the Book
Russ Miller, bacover

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