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DN 35 pdf & contents

Dreams and Nightmares 35

Sept., 1991


Illo for "Visages of Jade," R. Miller, cover
editorial & guidelines
Visages of jade, DF Lewis
illo, M. B. Simon
Minding the Marketplace at Miller's, Errol Miller
#017, Lisa Kucharski
But It's Not Only Me, David Memmott
Entre Muros, John M. Bennett
Jamaica's Hands, Carla Eardley
illo, David Transue
Bodies of Light, Wendy Rathbone
illo, David Transue
dribble mosaic & Songs to the Pagan Earth, two by Joy Oestreicher
illo, Catherine Buburuz
Flatus, Judson Crews
Brazilian Night, Michael A. Arnzen
Fat, Herb Kauderer
Tumor, Gregory Reardon
illo, Allen Koszowski
illo, James A. Cicero
The Program, Michael R. Collings
A Custom & How It Happened, two by Thomas Wiloch
If men get beer, they'll be equal to gods, Edward Mycue
illo, Sheila Kopaska-Merkel
illo for "But It's Not Only Me," Jim Garrison, bacover

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