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DN 49 contents

Dreams and Nightmares 49

December 1997


Michael Wilczewski, cover
from the brainstem
Bob Cook, There are gods
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Casey Jones
Jeff Ward, illustration
Harry Bose, Sharp edged cartoon bosom, a splash of lamp light against the wall, but nothing is like this new thing
Minerva, The night of the mad turk
Jeffrey Maber, Evylyn
John Grey, The blood at the bottom of the garden
Daniel Paul Medici and Sue Bland, At the sound of the tone...
John Grey, The birth of the asphyx is marked by much spluttering and coughing
H. Turnip Smith, down river
Keith Allen Daniels, demented
Lee Seed, illustration
W. Gregory Stewart, Nocturne for the urban werewolf
John Briggs, Centerfold
John M. Edwards, Apocalypso
Richard Ruszkeiwicz, The silence
Stuart Arotsky, Group memory
Jeff Ward, illustration
Andrew J. Cunningham, Time doesn't move forward for backward minds
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, melting ice
Marina Lee Sable, Shift
W. Gregory Stewart, millennium debs
small press review

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