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DN 61 Contents

Dreams and Nightmares 61

January 2002

table of contents

GAK, cover
From the Brain Stem
Bruce Boston, Curse of the Devouring Goddess's Husband
Portia Brockway, Head On
John Francis Haines, Femoral
Mario Milosevic, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire
Jennifer Crow, Learning to Walk Through Fire
Donna Taylor Burgess, All That Remains
Bruce Boston, Curse of the Immortal's Husband
Allen Koszowski, 3 illos
R. Monk Habjan, I'll Mourn No More for Dracula
Mario Milosevic, A Brief History of Gravity
G. O. Clark, Office Politics
Timons Esaias, Reasons No-One Took Him To Mars In His Lifetime
Gary Every, The Hummingbird and the Sun
Chris Friend, illo
Marina Lee Sable, The Jewel Maiden
Kurt Newton, Speaking of Ghosts is Strictly Taboo
Roger Dutcher, The Edge of Light
K. S. Hardy, The Sacred Etchings
Darrell Schweitzer, The False Dmitri

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