Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cardinal Cox pamphlet review

Le Monde Extraordinaire

Cardinal Cox

3/5 stars

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Orton Goldhay
Peterborough PE2 5RB

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Steampunk poetry in a small saddle-stitched pamphlet on plain white paper.

This is much like the Cardinal's other spec-poetry pamphlets: short poems,accompanied by fanciful brief explanations. As usual, the latter are more pleasing than the poems (IMHO). Steampunk writers like Verne & Burroughs are used to create a poem+prose narrative that sketches out an alternate steampunk Earth. There's much potential here, and some golden nuggets:

From "Invisible Women"

Back rooms, front parlors
Basement kitchens
A black-market commodity
Traded from father to husband

This steampunk world is portrayed as a dark place, which is likely a spot-on bit of realism.

From "Lagos' Rolling News in the Twenty-First Century"

Environmentalists express anger at the shooting of the Allosaur thought
to be responsible for eating the passengers on the school bus in Timbuktu

If you want this book, act fast. I can't believe they'll last long. The Cardinal has many fans.

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