Saturday, September 27, 2014

Contents of Dreams & Nightmares 99

Dreams & Nightmares 99


Al Klosterman, cover
From the Brainstem
Kassidy Jack Kabza, Ghost Town
Hanes Bach, Genie
Rik Hunik, The Black Book
F. J. Bergmann & Kendall Evans, Waking or Dreaming?
Robert Borski, Sea Monster Objects to Term 'kaiju'
Sheila Kopaska-Merkel, illo
F. J. Bergmann, Why We Don't Trust Them
Wendy Rathbone, Note Found on a Derelict Starship
S. C. Virtes & Kendall Evans, Crasher
Neal Wilgus, Fortean Weather Report
Michael Collins, Nightmare of the Flower
Hanes Bach, illo
fuson, untitled
Holly Day, Mother-Shadow
Wendy Rathbone, Adrift
Mary Soon Lee, Demon Stain

This issue is available now, $5 paper, $1 pdf. from paypal.

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