Saturday, October 18, 2014


Got Her A Good Job, Too

Terri's project won top honors
in the station's science fair,
beating out cold-fusion cooking
and faster-than-fugue inductive learning;
the parthenogenetic hamsters
did have a bit of croc blood in them,
hence the scales,
aquatic habit,
love of fish (raw and wriggling)
size (large), temper (short),
catholic taste in snack food,
remarkably hard teeth,
and powerful tails,
but it was their fecundity
that got her in trouble,
that, and a few might have gotten away
a little bit.

But then, Crocamster™-pelt handbags
swept the province,
she sold the patent to a big Mars-based designer,
and Terri had plenty of cash
to pay for all the damage
and the evacuation.

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