Monday, November 3, 2014


Where do astronomers come from?

the learned astrophysicist
confessed to getting frisky
under the stars,
when the unending toil of
documenting everting galaxies, exploding
stars, and nebulae pregnant with
pressure, fusion, heat,
grew too much to bear

sweating like he was digging holes
(he was: BLACK ones!),
this wild-haired student of the cosmos
wrestled with the big questions,
while beer & pizza flowed,
and much was discovered that night
that never reached the online supplements,
much less publication

and when, one midnight, something cold and long
reached out of unseen dimensions
and bit into his brain,
why then he could SEE
those forms and colors
that have never been adequately described,
and he ran screaming into world night,
jumping higher and higher,
remaining aloft longer and longer,
but never escaping the burning
pseudopods of truth

end of poem

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