Friday, April 22, 2016


This is not a dream.

You try the door, but it won't open.
You try the next, and the next.
With the same result.
As you pass farther and farther.
From your entry point.
The corridor narrows and the ceiling lowers.
Or perhaps the floor is rising.
The carpet changes from a nice cool professional beige.
To that nasty green indoor-outdoor stuff.
It gets darker.
There are eerie noises.
There is a fumbling at your garments.
A peeling away or other removal
Of parts of that which is most dear to you.
Your self
There is a chewing sound.
In your ears.
I mean that literally.
Thus, the nightmare begins.

Then you wake up.
But you still hear the sound.
There is excruciating pain.

Then it begins

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