Friday, June 24, 2016


I am pretty excited to report that "Footprints in Stone," has just been published. This book, co-authored with Ron Buta, describes what is one of the most important fossil sites in Alabama. The Minkin site has yielded many thousands of trace-fossil specimens ranging from amphibian and reptile trackways to millipede trails and the burrows of fly larvae. The book has many photographs of specimens from this diverse fauna, but it is not just about the rocks and fossils. We also talk about how the trace fossils were discovered and how the site is protected so that they can be studied and enjoyed for years to come.

As for the book, it is really beautiful. The photographs are crisp, even the ones that was a bit worried about. The digital proof version was of relatively low resolution, so I couldn't tell how good the photos were going to be. They are great! Okay, I will stop bragging about the book now. Anyway, Ron took nearly all of the photos.

You can get it from Amazon:

You can collect trace fossils at this site yourself, and keep them. Contact the Alabama Paleontological Society ( Go with them to the site and they will help you find all kinds of amazing traces of ancient animal life. If you find anything unique, I am afraid it will have to go to a museum. Otherwise, everything you find is yours.

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