Monday, June 6, 2016

The Edible Zoo

This is a book of children's poems originally written for my kids and niecephews. If you haven't pan-fried a whale, or eaten a horse & radish sandwich, well, now's your chance! The Edible Zoo is $8 from the publisher: You can get it from me, signed, for the same price. Here's a sample


Once I caught a crocodile,
I held its tail for a while,
But I soon began to see,
The croc had lunch designs on me.

I felt that it was time to choose,
Who would dine and who would lose,
So I checked my cookbook pile,
For recipes for crocodile.

Round and round the room we flew,
The croc, and I, and cookbooks too,
The croc suggested person pie,
I replied "I'd rather die."

I countered with crocodile cake,
My appetite for sweets I'd slake,
But the reptile vetoed that,
Told me I was much too fat.

The crocodile proposed a truce,
And as my grip was getting loose,
I acquiesced and said "OK,"
"I'll eat mice, or frogs, today!"

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