Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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It walks like a duck
but that's only because
it's loaded down
with sashes and ribbons
and medals of honor
and symbols of patriotism
and religious iconisms.
The thing about these things
from starsystem Squawk
is that they're immortals,
or at least they claim they are
or believe they are
and some around here
really believe it too
and want to get in line.

It's too soon to tell,
but one reason for skepticism
is that, as presently understood,
our universe will continue
to expand forever
and eventually anyone left
on Earth (or anywhere else)
will be totally alone
with nary a star to shine
in the dark, dark sky.

You can call that immortality
but you might as well be dead.

Neal Wilgus

Reprinted w permission from DN 104

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