Thursday, May 11, 2017


Humpty's wife remembers

7 a.m.,
the timer dings.
I reach for you.
The bed's
cool, smooth,
like your shell,
but oh so very flat.
I recall your sleek curve,
and curse horizontality.

I set the alarm early
so I can be out of the house
well before 7,
but I hear the ding
ding, ding,
that penetrating sound,
I hear it wherever I am,
it follows me,
it mocks me,
and I curse its punctuality.

And all through the day,
with every neigh
every call of watchful Guard
I recall the King's men
scrambling to your aid,
to no avail.
I'm done, you're done,
I have no appetite.

For whom doth the timer ding?
It dings for thee.

Publ. Not One of Us

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