Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Happy 13,000,000,000th

1. Yahweh.
Just Me. And the Cat.
I'm retired.
Worked for 6 kalpas in Fundamental Constant maintenance.
Enough to get by.
Tea? It's My special blend.
My hobby is gardening. Continua just happen.
Once I had to fumigate the entire house with Spacetime Dissipator.
An accident.
Pot boiled over while I was out weeding firmaments.
Bean soup. All fresh ingredients from my Garden. Delicious.
Missed a spot when I cleaned up. They expand so quickly in the first few microseconds!
11? Collapse Me! It was only 5 dimensions to start with.
Life already?! Don't that beat all.
Last time I looked the first matter was forming.
Complex ecosystems, terrestrial organisms, tool use? I'm flabbergasted.
I have certainly been remiss.
Should have cleaned it up long ago.
My only excuse is that I stay out in the Garden until dark.
By the time I've made dinner, I'm ready to rest.
But I really need to clean the stove soon.

Publ. Daily Cabal, 2010

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