Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Dreams and Nightmares 113


Allen K., cover
Denny Marshall, Sunset in Funnel Universe
F. J. Bergmann, Ruination
Rhonda Parrish, Fulcrum Point
Robert Borski, Particle Zoo
Allen K., illo
Roger Dutcher, Dark History
Alicia Hilton, New Beginnings
Mary Soon Lee, Apology for Your Extinction
Allen K., illo
Allen K., illo
Mary Alexandra Agner, Length
Herb Kauderer, Notes for the Next Letter Home
Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Dragon Bones
Elizabeth McClellan, Senryu of the Mermaids
Allen K., illo
Jessy Randall, Emily Roebling (1803-1903)
Gerri Leen, Objects of Desire
Pamela McLeod, Familiar
Christine McDermott, Waiting for the Witch
Robert Frazier, A Note To Cosmonauts Addressing Relativistic Concerns
Adele Gardner, A Rose Waits
Cathy Tenzo, what she knows for sure
Deborah L. Davitt, A Shroud to a Wedding
Denise Dumars, The Crystalline Pony ..

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