Saturday, April 25, 2020


There Goes The Neighborhood

We saw the invaders come here
their ship on legs of fire climbing
down the sky as if from heaven
to land on burning heath near town

Out they came in their shining suits
heads like balls of glass with faces
by reflections concealed from us
down the hills they came to our town

What brought them to our land they said
in gestures and in speech like birds
to find what God laid on the world
and who lived in our little town

Tall they were and slowly they moved
weapons they carried of bright steel
our brave young men fingered their blades
ready to defend home and town

How it began none remember
but we and they were all on edge
axes flew and their weapons roared
many fell there, in my hometown

I saw one helmet, glassy globe
burst apart, and the face within
in an instant flamed and was gone
they fled in haste from our strong town

Two hands of warriors died that day
five of the others burned away
the ship rained fire before it left
tower of black smoke marked our town

We will rebuild, this is our land
the next time sky folk come to call
they'll show respect or never leave
we'll meet as equals in our town.

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