Sunday, April 11, 2021



DN 118 is laid out. I need to proof it, then send it to contributors so they can do the same. This one has more pages than any recent issues. I've been getting so many poems submitted that I just can't refuse, it came down to three choices. First, I could close to submissions for a while, something I've never done. As a writer, the practice annoys me, and as a publisher I know I would miss some good stuff if I did that. Second, I could buy poems that I know I won't be able to publish for years and years, but that wouldn't be fair to their authors.. So, I chose door number three. DN will go to a higher page count, at least for a while: 24, up from 20. I'm not not raising the price, at least for now.

In other news, I sold a poem to Eldritch Science, I have a few coming out in Star*line, and one in this year's Rhysling.& I have a few more poems to write for my next collection.

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