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DN 58 and 59 scanned

Dreams and Nightmares 58

January 2001

table of contents

GAK, cover illustration
D. F. Lewis, Sonnet
Nancy Bennett, Creation
Joe Pulver, I, Like the Coyote
Tim Jones, The Stars, Natasha
Tim Jones, Revenant
Nancy Bennett, Fever in the Clouds
Lawrence Harding, Winter's Page
Bruce Boston, Shaggy Flea Story
Nancy Bennett, Mating Practices on Venus
Bruce Boston, Surreal Fill-Up
Christina Sng, Ebola Virus
Christina Sng, Firstborn
Scott C. Virtes, Nemveti Evening
Richard Gavin, Sect of the Mannikin
Marge Simon, Autumn at the Robo Factory
Marge Simon, Twilight
Marge Simon, A Trilogy of Tongues
Mark E. Rudolph, The Lie of Abundance
Deborah P. Kolodji, Ghost of the Lussibruden
Jane Gwaltney, The Fix
Lorraine Schein, The Dark of the Matter
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Lich
Gary Every, Raindrop
Gloundan Smorpian, Chicken Foot
G. O. Clark, Arachne


Dreams and Nightmares 59

May 2001

table of contents

GAK, cover
From the brain stem
GAK, illo
Wendy Rathbone, Under the World
John Grey, To the House Built on a Cemetery
R. Monk Habjan, Foreshadowing
Chris Bauer and Candra K. Gill, From the Corner of the Eye
GAK, illo
Marina Lee Sable, Necropolis
Amanda Bennett, illo
John Grey, The Bug on My Leg
Sean Reagan, Brother
E. R. Carlin, And in the Course of Many Cycles
Richard William Pearce, Birthday Poem
Hillary Lyon, Because
Kendall Evans, The Keys to the Kingdom
Robert Donald Blaney, Into the Tall Empty Boxes
Mario Milosevic, Mark
Eric York, bacover


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