Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DN 57, the year 2000

Dreams and Nightmares 57

September 2000

table of contents

Alexander M. Kaminsky, cover
From the Brain Stem
Scott E. Green, The Breath of Sharks
Morgan Kopaska-Merkel, Medusa (illo)
Andy Miller, Those Mad Snatches of Raw Silk
Robert Randolph Medcalf, Jr., Shapeshifter
Chris Friend, illo
Charlee Jacob, Vessels
Dee Rimbaud, illo
Diana Horton, Lost Magic
Kurt Newton, Second Sight
Bruce Boston and Brandon Totman, Traveling to your Heart
Mark Budman, Returning Home
Lezlie Kinyon, untitled
R. Monk Habjan, Borderland
G. O. Clark, Direct Line to the Gods
John Grey, A Corpse in the Parlor
Gary Every, Ghost Dance #4, Avalanche
Robert Wooten, The Lair of Circe
K. S. Hardy, The Death of a Medium
Russ Miller, illo
Stuart J. Silverman, The House of Arnheim
Bruce Boston, In One's Perception of Light
Philip Renne, bacover

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