Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Eat This, M. E.

I Like to Read

(A rap, or, perhaps, doggerel, based on a Morning Edition story)

I didn't read this book,
it's spelled kinda funny,
my kid read it though,
he paid a lot of money.
This poem is a book,
based on the radio,
Morning Edition:
“That ain't the way to go.”
A book about a poem 'bout a book is really fit,
at least it beats sitcoms & all that shit,
I like reality without no damn TV,
my kids are inside reading -- I'm riding ATVs,
when I roll over and end up in a cast,
lying on my backside, wearing out my ass,
they come to see me, they do their thing,
complete works of Shakespeare, that's what they bring.
This poem's pretty bad, the next one will be worse
(I never read a book about writing verse.)
Paperbacks are stacking up, crowding out the flowers,
if they get me hooked, I'll be reading them for hours.
So thanks, M.E., got my laugh for today,
and if you don't like it, just go away.

End of poem

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