Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Not a Vet

My dad was drafted; never fought. His best story the one about the Lieutenant and the mud pit. It seems this guy was pretty annoying to the privates. They were out camping, practicing being soldiers. One night it rained a lot, a whole lot. The place where they were trying to sleep in tents was very wet. Then of course the alarm sounded. The enemy were attacking. It was time to move fast. The Lieut. burst out of his tent, shouting something that I have, sadly, forgotten. I'm sure it was a lot like "charge!" That's what he said right before he stepped into a foxhole full to the very top with muddy water. It almost sounded like my dad thought that made being drafted worth it. It sure sounded like he thought it made camping in the rain worth it. I'm sure that was true. In later years when we were camping as a family and it rained, it never seemed to bother him at all.

That's what I remember, anyway. That Lieutenant would be nearly 90 now. Wonder if he grew up.

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