Monday, August 8, 2016

080816b– Including dreams and nightmares 103 and 104 update

I am going to be alone for a few days, although somebody in my position cannot afford to be left alone, so I really won't be. However, my wife has to go visit her father; he is not doing too well. There is reasonable hope for significant improvement, but at his age, it is best to be proactive about visiting.

All subscriber and contributor copies of dreams and nightmares 103 have now been mailed. If you don't have yours in two weeks, you should definitely let me know.

I have read and responded to most submissions to dreams and nightmares in the last few days. I expect to finish catching up tonight. The next issue, 104, is fall and I am reading for 105. I will begin laying out 104 tonight, or maybe tomorrow, depending on when I finish with submissions.

In the coming days. I also will be posting more trace fossil photographs in this blog. Hope they are not too boring. Conversely, if people would prefer I say more about them when I post the pictures, let me know. And we will be attending a reception & signing books September 9 at the Alabama Museum of Natural History here in Tuscaloosa. The museum is planning to unveil a new exhibit about the trace fossil site at the same time.

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