Thursday, March 22, 2018


Paleontology workshop for teachers
Mainly aimed at K-12 teachers, but also appropriate for informal educators
October 16, 2018, West Alabama

Our focus this year is on evidence that fossils provide of interactions among organisms. What species grew on the shells of other species (or on other members of their own species). What animals drilled holes into other animals to make a living or to get dinner.. Which animals used their big strong teeth to bite into which other animals. And so on. We can learn a lot about the community by looking at clues preserved on the remains that we find.

And of course, participants get Lost Worlds in Alabama Rocks, one of the best books there is describing the fossils and rocks of a particular region so that anyone can understand. Many other publications and goodies will also be provided free.

You can use the registration form below, but email me if you have any problems with it.

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