Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rhysling winners announced!

I'm thrilled to announce the following results of the voting for the 2012 Rhysling Awards:

Short Poem

1. Shira Lipkin, "The Library, After"

2. Erik Amundsen, "The Lend"

3. Lyn C. A. Gardner, "In Translation"

Long Poem

1. Megan Arkenberg, "The Curator Speaks in the Department of Dead Languages"

2. G. O. Clark and Kendall Evans, "The 25-Cent Rocket: One-Quarter of the Way to the Stars"

3. Mary Turzillo, "The Legend of the Emperor's Space Suit (A Tale of Consensus Reality)"

A hearty congratulations to everyone nominated this year, and my sincere thanks to all who participated in this year's Rhysling Awards! There were so many amazing poems in this year's anthology, it was a joy to read them again and again.

These results will be posted on the SFPA website and published in Star*Line. In addition, in a few days I will have prepared the breakdown of votes for the website so all can see how they did.

A big thank you and best wishes to everyone!

(Note: this message has gone out to the winning poets, the SFPA officers, the informal Readercon SFPA reading coordinator, and the SFPA listserv.)


Lyn C. A. Gardner, 2012 Rhysling Chair

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